Save A Heart Program – HHF Initiative for Heart Patients

Most of the heart ailments are curable and death can be prevented, however everyone are not fortunate enough to bear the treatment and hospital costs, they just walk away from the hospital to choose a slow painful death.
Through this program Hamdulay Heart Foundation supports poor heart patients in diagnosis and treatment of heart disease by providing subsidize/free treatment, considering the financial condition of the patient.

How It Works
If a needy patient or a patient referred by other trusts approach Hamdulay Heart Foundation for help and provides proper diagnosis, they are referred to our qualified social worker, who first puts the family at ease by counselling and then by narrating various successful case studies and convinces them the help is not far away. Once the family is ready to be taken care of by HHF the social worker explains the registration process to the family. He also helps the patient or their family to understand and prepare required documents for registration.

Financial Assistance: After the registration process and verification process, we generate funds for the treatment of the patient through HHF.

Treatment & Follow Up: In this step the required treatment is provided to the registered patient through our CathLabs, Cardiac Surgery Programs at Liffeline Medicare Hospitals and Habib Hospital and follow ups are planned accordingly.

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