Rural Cardiac Program

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A Unique Project which will solve the issues of accessibility and affordability of Specialty Cardiac Care in the Rural Areas of Maharashtra & Gujarat.


People in need approach Hamdulay Heart Foundation for help and after screening their financial status HHF lend the helping hand, but what about those numerous others who haven’t been able to find the support

In rural India, trained doctors, in particular cardiologists are scarce. Cardiac healthcare facilities and cardiac healthcare screening devices at primary health care (PHC) centers are minimal and there is critical need for cost effective and innovative solutions for cardiac treatment. In such a scenario a Rural Cardiac Program is the most practical mechanism. And in subscription to this view, Hamdulay Heart Foundation’s next step is to initiate sophisticated cardiac cath lab on wheels, Mobile ICU, Mobile Diagnostics System and a Emergency Ambulance. This is a unique mobile hospital programme that seeks to address problems of mobility, accessibility and availability of primary health care in urban slums and remote rural areas.

Rural Cardiac Program will have many advantages

  • It will avoid the inconvenience of patients traveling to big cities to receive services from major facilities.
  • The procedures will be done in familiar surroundings with close family and friends available to the patient.
  • This can also allow the family doctor to be present during the procedure to take immediate decision and help comfort the patient.
  • Not all patients who have heart problems require bypass surgery or angioplasty, angiogram can clearly tell the severity and extent of the heart problem. Patients with milder disease can be managed medically at their home town. Only patients with severe disease need to come to a city for advanced treatment like angioplasty or bypass surgery. This kind of screening further simplifies and reduces the cost of health care.

The Cost of this project is around Rs. 22.37 crores and it will be a boon in providing quality and timely healthcare to deserving masses.

For more information on Rural Cardiac Program, please download the PDF below:

Brief Project Report

Detailed Project Report

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